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Salam Aotearoa

Decals (many designs) - Clear background

Decals (many designs) - Clear background

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Kiwi community crafted decal/bumper stickers:
Featuring captivating graphic designs, beautifully adorned with the serene presence of the Maori koru symbol. The koru, representing new beginnings, perpetual growth, strength, and peace, adds a touch of tranquillity to each design.

Embrace the tranquillity and strength portrayed in our Kiwi community-crafted merchandise. Each design is carefully crafted to convey a message of peace and unity.

Our collection includes the following designs:
- 'Kia tau te rangimarie': This design carries the Maori translation of 'Asalamu-Alikum', reflecting the universal message of peace and well-being.

- 'Peace Be With You': A design that embraces the English translation of 'Asalamu-Alikum', spreading the spirit of peace.

- 'Salam' (in Arabic calligraphy): This design elegantly captures the essence of peace, depicted through the graceful strokes of Arabic calligraphy.

- 'Salu Ala Al-nabi': Written in Arabic, this design sends salawat (blessings) upon the prophet (saw), symbolizing reverence and devotion.

Key Specifications:
- Gloss UV laminate: Each item is coated with a gloss UV laminate, ensuring protection against sunlight, rain, and scratching.

- Waterproof: Our merchandise is designed to withstand water exposure, ensuring high quality and durability.

- Safe for use on cars and windows: These items are perfectly safe to be applied on car surfaces and windows.

With their durable construction and waterproof features, they are ideal for various applications, while the gloss UV laminate offers long-lasting protection against environmental elements.

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Salam Aotearoa

We are a dynamic non-profit social enterprise on a mission to infuse Muslim-Māori symbols into our daily endeavours. We utilize our profits to organize community events, projects, and workshops. But we always prioritise extending our support to those in need.
It's all about amalgamating your unique identity with purposeful actions and intentions!

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