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Art is the world’s universal language and we speak this language in our clothes, accessories and jewellery. Established in 2015 by two fashion enthusiasts once working for luxury labels, this project of sheer passion for all things beautiful and handmade finally saw the light of day when one of them visited a small village in India and witnessed a handful of artisans using age-old traditional techniques to put together garments that seemed like fluid poetry.

We now have our own workshop, our own little village of artists making beautiful clothes, jewellery and accessories by hand. Sometimes we name these artworks after their daughters, a small gesture of respect to the future artisans.

Our collections are unique, timeless and every piece has a name, a story to tell. Given the limited resources, rare skills and techniques used to make these products, they will only ever belong to a handful of wardrobes. Mass production is not our style, simply because it is not the way art is made.

Our audience is the modern consumer seeking products that find references in folk tales, old traditions and culture. The kind of consumer that loves the tangible and the intangible and sees these unique productions for what they are, wearable art.

We hope you will love these pieces like we do because the final chapter of this journey of finding and making art is written by our customers when they lend their style to these beautiful pieces and give it a new artistic perspective.

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