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The best gifts come from the heart, not the store

This is what Pakistani traditions are all about; we show our respect to our esteemed guests by presenting gifts that represent our culture.

Ajrak from the Indus Valley tradition of Sindh, Pakistan is more than a fabric. It is a Sindhi tradition traceable from the earliest archaeological finds of the old Indus Civilisation of Mohenjo Daro. Each sheet of Ajrak takes over 30 days to prepare by hand.

Ajrak is a handblock printed cloth with traditional motifs and a well recognised deep crimson red and indigo blue background. Ajrak is made of 100% cotton and natural dyes using turmeric, rose petals and even cow dung.

Ajrak is literally used in Sindh from the cradle to the grave. It is gifted ceremonially at the birth of a child, at the time of a wedding and at a funeral. 

Enjoy our Ajrak collection in store and look forward to what we have coming very soon!

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