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Calma Sleeps

Silver Ion Bamboo Pillowcase

Silver Ion Bamboo Pillowcase

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Introducing the Silver Ion Bamboo Pillowcase - the only one of its kind in New Zealand. Our pillowcase is crafted from premium organic bamboo fibres that are hypoallergenic and woven  with antibacterial silver ions.  Designed with natural breathability, bamboo ensures optimal temperature regulation throughout the seasons. Silver has been clinically proven to actively combat bacteria and promote skin healing, promoting a clean sleeping environment. This pillowcase is the ultimate powerful addition to your skin care routine for your sensitive, acne-prone and eczema prone skin. Experience the fusion of sustainable luxury and advanced technology for a rejuvenating night's sleep.

Available with a zip enclosure and monogrammed with Calma Sleeps logo.

Measurement: 70 x 51 cm

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Manita - Calma Sleep

Hello and Welcome to Calma Sleeps!

My journey into starting a sleep care brand was inspired by my firstborn's struggle with eczema and food allergies, which led to sleepless nights for our family. The relentless scratching was heartbreaking to witness.

In my quest for solutions, I explored everything from household products to personal care items, eventually discovering my daughter's dust mite allergy. This led me to bamboo fabric, whose antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking properties significantly alleviated her symptoms, transforming our sleep quality.

Motivated to share this breakthrough, I founded Calma Sleeps to offer organic, chemical-free sleep products made from sustainable bamboo lyocell. Our commitment extends to eco-friendly practices, from product creation to packaging, ensuring our brand supports both your well-being and the planet's. We hope Calma Sleeps brings you the same peace and restful sleep it brought us.

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