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Masala Scents

Maina Room Spray - The Parinday Collection

Maina Room Spray - The Parinday Collection

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Introducing Maina from our Parinday Collection 🕊️

Fill your space with a scent that is light, floral but musky and creates a refreshing environment… just like a Maina 🌱

Room Sprays: 100ml

Refillable: Right at home! Just add water once it reaches half way (we recommend doing this only twice)

Scent Composition: Saffron, Coconut, Jasmine and Sandalwood

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Haya - Masala Scents

We are a WOC Owned South Asian Candle brand based in New Zealand.
South Asian culture is aromatic, rich in flavor and sophisticated in taste, we celebrate all of this in our little jars of masala.

Scent is the sense most closely linked to memory, that's why each one of our scent compositions has a story to tell. Scorching hot days filled with dhoop in the aangan of our home with cutting chai.

It is culture filled with memories that flows from the comfort of a candle.

Our products are all hand poured with pyaar in our Auckland home but true to our South Asian roots.

We bring the warmth of our home, our people & our pyaar (love) to your home

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