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Candlemaking Workshop

Candlemaking Workshop

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Our Candlemaking workshop is designed to be an intimate experience in immersing your senses in scents and allowing yourself to be transported to your favourite memories through the process of curating your own scent. 

Join us at for a guided session on in our curate space that evokes comfort and nostalgia allowing you to:

  • curating your very own bespoke scent ✨
  • creating a soy wax candle🕯️
  • finishing off with a customised label!💛

Our candlemaking workshop is perfect for catching up with friends, family time, a date night, a birthday or any other occasion!

Have Us For Your Next Event!

We also offer our candlemaking workshop for Corporate or Private events at your location. Please get in touch with us if you would like to do candlemaking workshop at a date and location of your choice. 

We can accomodate your booking (even up to 40 people!) outside of this time. The workshops can be held anytime between 10.00 am - 9.00 pm, please advise us your preferred time within 24 hours of your booking.


Please note that the ticket purchase is non-refundable, if you are unable to attend the session it can only be utilised as store credit on a Masala Scents purchase.

Please note that to accomodate anyone under the age of 7 years old you must contact us for booking. We do not recommend bringing children under the age of 7 years old.

If you are booking the workshop for a celebratory occasion please contact us prior to bringing in any food or drink items to ensure we can accomodate it, without this we do not guarantee any accomodations can be made and we reserve the right to refuse service.

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Customer Reviews

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Candle workshop

That was a very nice workshop. Haya thank you very much for that. The candle looks wonderful and burns very long. This workshop is highly recommended.

Best workshop I've ever done!

I brought my sisters to the candle-making workshop, and it was so much fun! The candles turned out beautifully and of such good quality too, I'm genuinely so impressed and will definitely be coming again! Absolutely obsessed with the set I made

Ashelyn Sen
Unique Experience - Creating Memories

The first time I booked it, it was a girl's catch-up. The whole experience of Pour Your Own Jar of Pyaar was unique as Haya is able to spend quality time with you to ensure you’re able to achieve your personal scent. Love how the group setting was small enough to be intimate and collaborative. I was able to meet new people and bounce off ideas, especially when making scents. Haya is very knowledgeable about all the scents she has which is perfect as it can get overwhelming. She was able to assist in creating a scent that I would not have thought of on my own. The workshop is extremely enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone & everyone. You don’t need to be a candle lover to enjoy this workshop; there’s also the option of creating you’re own perfume. This is a great workshop to attend for a girl's catch-up, date night, or even if you want to do it alone. Haya was lovely enough to accommodate a private booking for me & my partner to enjoy which was amazing.

Overall the workshop is really fun & I will definitely be booking it again.

Suhayla Khan
Candle Making Workshop

This was such a cute experience, the vibes were there, the scents were amazing and the team at MasalaBazaar were so inviting✨

exceptional service, lovely scent and neat layout of store

Wanted to try something different on a sunday, so decided to book a private candle & perfume making session. Definitely worth the time and the money 😁

Haya - Masala Scents

We are a WOC Owned South Asian Candle brand based in New Zealand.
South Asian culture is aromatic, rich in flavor and sophisticated in taste, we celebrate all of this in our little jars of masala.

Scent is the sense most closely linked to memory, that's why each one of our scent compositions has a story to tell. Scorching hot days filled with dhoop in the aangan of our home with cutting chai.

It is culture filled with memories that flows from the comfort of a candle.

Our products are all hand poured with pyaar in our Auckland home but true to our South Asian roots.

We bring the warmth of our home, our people & our pyaar (love) to your home

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