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Masala Bazaar

Eid Mubarak Gift Set Bundle

Eid Mubarak Gift Set Bundle

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The perfect treat for yourself or a loved one this festive season!

Hand-poured with love by Masala Scents, this gift pack includes three exclusive Eid scents in 50g jars, each burning for over 15 hours. With fragrances like Orange & Chilli, Rose Gelato & Saffron Suede, and Sandalwood, there's something for everyone ✨

In addition to the candles, this bundle also includes a set of 5 Handprinted Ajrak Inspired Gift Cards with envelopes. These exquisite cards are handmade by skilled artisans in Karachi, showcasing intricate designs and vibrant colors that truly stand out.

Adding a personal touch to your gift-giving, these cards are a wonderful way to support local craftsmanship while spreading joy during the Eid celebrations.

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Haya - Masala Bazaar

Our Heritage and Home collection features artisan and handmade works of art, accessories, ceramics and clothing from Pakistan. Masala Bazaar has worked directly with talented artisans to curate a collection that represents and celebrates our culture authentically. In the collection you will hand painted trays, handcarved fruit baskets, handmade wallets, purses and more!

We hope you celebrate and enjoy little tokens of our home in Karachi

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