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House of Hasbi

Copper Premium Emirati Thobe - House of Hasbi

Copper Premium Emirati Thobe - House of Hasbi

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This premium jubba, elegantly draped in a refined copper hue, redefines traditional wear with a modern twist

It is impeccably tailored and features a classic round collar and a sleek, stylish zip for a sophisticated edge. The choice of luxury fabric ensures comfort and a tactile experience that resonates with opulence.

Personalize your ensemble effortlessly with a removable tassel, adding a bespoke touch to your distinctive style. The intricate Emirati embroidery pays homage to cultural heritage, infusing each detail with a sense of pride and tradition.

We strive to capture the colours accurately, yet variations may occur due to factors such as lighting conditions and differences in PC/Mobile displays.

Size Chart:

Chest (IN) 44 44 46 48 52
Length of Thobe (IN) 54 56 58 58 60

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House of Hasbi

Prepare to redefine your style with our upcoming release of extraordinary men's thobes at House of Hasbi. Each thread woven with elegance, each detail designed for sophistication. Stay tuned for a wardrobe upgrade that transcends tradition, as we unveil a collection that speaks volumes. Elevate your look, embrace the future of Islamic Wear in New Zealand.

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