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Calming Charm Set

Calming Charm Set

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The Crescent DIY Embroidery Kit (Color)

Introducing our Calming Charm Set, the perfect holiday gift for anyone who enjoys a cozy and calming experience. This bundle includes a 35g bag of Smitea's Calming Charm, a soothing and refreshing blend of peppermint, lime blossoms, calendula petals, and fragrant rose. The tea is perfect for those seeking a moment of serenity and relaxation during the busy holiday season.

In addition to the tea, the set also includes The Crescent DIY Embroidery Kit, which is perfect for both beginners and experienced embroiderers. The kit comes with a bamboo hoop, needle, thread, and instructions to help you kickstart your embroidery journey. The kit is designed to teach you the basics of embroidery, allowing you to create beautiful pieces to decorate your home.

This bundle is perfect for those who enjoy a peaceful and creative activity, and it's the perfect way to unwind during the holiday season.

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