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Masala Bazaar

Ajrak Shawls

Ajrak Shawls

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Ajrak – a timeless masterpiece that effortlessly marries tradition and elegance. Ajrak is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the Indus Valley and a practice that dates back 5000 years.

Made on 100% organice cotton, Ajrak can be distinguished with intricate geometric patterns that are handblock printed by artisans in Sindh. Each shawl is a unique work of art and takes over 30 days to be completed using traditional Ajrak techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Whether draped over your shoulders for a touch of cultural flair or used as a statement piece to elevate your ensemble, an Ajrak Shawl is a symbol of sophistication and cultural pride for Pakistanis.

Blend tradition with contemporary style and elevate your wardrobe with the timeless beauty of the Ajrak Shawl – where craftsmanship meets elegance.

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Pranita Chand
So gorgeous!! :))

I wasn't sure about buying the shawl until I saw it physically in store - and it was gorgeous!! Instantly, I knew I wanted something as special as this shawl in my collection!! <3

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