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Lu’ Lu’ Wal Marjan

Under The White Veil

Under The White Veil

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‘Under The White Veil’ is a detailed portrayal of a pristine snowscape. The snow and mist pretends to be a white veil over a scene full of browns and greys. The snow honours and embraces what was once fully exposed.


The woman in the red coat stops for a moment to savour a soft lullaby she hears being sung by the crisp branches above her head. A gentle blend of blues and greys calls to her. She wonders what may lie beyond the next bend of the snowy path.


An original work by Aishah, @lulu_wal_marjann

This immersive piece will be the perfect finishing touch to your cozy living room.

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Aishah - Lu’ Lu’ Wal Marjan

Aishah creates beautiful art pieces that transport you and create a story. Each painting is handcrafted which means they are unique and limited. Take a look, we'll sure you'll see one that would go perfectly with your home.

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