The Design Process for Radiate Jewellery

The Design Process for Radiate Jewellery

I believe jewellery is something very personal and is an extension to your personality. The simplest pieces can take your look from casual to sophisticated.

As my jewellery brands values and purpose is all about radiating your best energy and also healing your inner self. I learnt about how crystals work and wanted to design jewellery that used real gemstones. You would look cute and also attract the crystal energies. This is where it all began.

I will walk you through the process of how I design my jewellery - from a sketch on a paper to a real life piece you see in store.


First I like to think of message or idea I want to share. It could be a message, could be a symbol that represents the message or the energy of the message.

radiate jewelleryjewellery making processradiate jewellery making process

Bringing ideas on paper

By this time I have a collected inspiration of the concept I am going with and sketch anything that comes to mind that represents the message. Sometimes I ask people around me for their ideas, as they say two minds are better than one.

I roughly put down 8-10 designs that I think work for the concept, and then select 3-4 designs that represent the closest to what I am wanting to portray.

jewellery making process

Going into the details

This is the fun part. I get to dive deeper into each design and get creative! I will note down the measurements, chains, pendants, stones and finer details that I want. Sometimes when I am 100% happy with a design, I will send it to my manufacturer instantly otherwise I will wait 2-3 days to see if I want any changes made. Once I’ve submitted a design to my manufacturers they will come back with a CAD design (Computer Aided Design). Upon receiving the CAD, I will then make amendments if I feel something needs it.

jewellery details

Samples, samples and more samples

Once the CAD design is complete, I will receive a sample from the manufacturers. I always make sure to include as much details as possible during the CAD procedure so we don’t have to make too many revisions. Fortunately I’ve not had to go back and forth with the design so when I receive the sample, it’s ready to go into production. I may order more samples if I want to compare stones or I’m not stuck between two designs.

jewellery making process

Production time

Upon trialling the samples for a few weeks in different weathers and temperatures, and lighting, I will put the bulk order into production. I believe in keeping wastage to a minimal so when looking for manufacturers I ask them their Minimal Order Quantity - the lower the better. This way we aren’t producing a large number of pieces and having stock sitting around. Pieces will take 2-3 weeks for production + shipping it to me. In this time, I will upload the products on the website, take pictures of the samples, make social media content around the pieces and then leave only have the inventory to upload. Once I receive the jewellery, I will count the stock and voila, it’s ready to go to live!

radiate jewellery auckland

I hope you found my designing jewellery process interesting! I love creating and experiencing with stones and designs that will remind you to radiate your best energy through jewellery!

Come check out our pieces instore at Masala Bazaar! 🫶🏽

Love and light,


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