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Azar NZ



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Our Twirl style candle is a very aesthetic way to decorate your space. Bringing in an inviting and sophisticated environment. 

Approximate Size: 13cm (H) x 12cm (W)

Weight: 658g

100% lead-free pure cotton wick.

 Hand poured and handmade in New Zealand using 100% natural soy wax. 

All of our candles are handmade so they may have slight imperfections and color variations.



- Please keep out of sunlight as this can cause discolouration, scent loss and the candle to melt.

- Never move a lit candle and never leave a burning candle unattended.

- Place candle on a stable, heat resistant surface away from flammable objects before lighting.

- Keep out of reach of children, pets and flammable objects.

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