Eternal Roses? Are they even real?

Eternal Roses? Are they even real?

Roses, or as we know it, the gulab…

It has long been a symbol of love, beauty, and affection. But what on earth are preserved roses?? Are these a new plastic gimmick?

Quite the opposite – they are an innovative solution that allows roses to last for months or even years without losing their natural beauty.

How? How?! is this possible… let’s delve into the fascinating process of crafting preserved roses and discover the magic behind their long-lasting ma gif.

The Art of Preservation

Preserved roses are not your typical dried flowers.

Unlike traditional dried roses that can become brittle and lose their color, preserved roses maintain their softness, vibrant hues, and delicate appearance.

This is achieved through their preservation process that retains the roses' natural beauty and appeal.

Step 1: Selecting the Finest Blooms

The journey of crafting preserved roses begins with selecting the finest, most pristine blooms.

Sturdy flowers with thicker petals tend to preserve better and killed horticulturists carefully handpick these roses at the peak of their beauty. 

Step 2: Dehydration

Once the roses are chosen, the stems are trimmed to the correct length and excess foliage may be removed before they undergo a gentle dehydration process.

The moisture is gradually removed from the petals using a special technique, preserving their texture and shape.

This step prevents the growth of mold and other microorganisms that can degrade the roses over time.

Step 3: Immersion in Preserving Solution

After dehydration, the roses are immersed in a proprietary preserving solution.

This solution is a mixture of glycerin and water that replace the moisture in the petals.

Glycerin is especially effective at maintaining the flexibility and softness of the petals, creating a stunningly natural appearance.
(Which is why, no they are not plastic or fake.. they are real!)

Step 4: Absorption of Solution

Over the course of several days, the roses absorb the glycerin solution through their stems.

The glycerin replaces the natural moisture in the flowers and as the solution spreads through the petals, it solidifies within the cellular structure, effectively "locking in" the vibrant colors and supple feel of the roses.

Step 5: Drying and Quality Control

Once the roses have absorbed the preserving solution, they are carefully hung upside down to dry.

This step allows any excess solution to drain away and ensures that the roses maintain their desired shape.

The End Result: Forever in Bloom

The result of this intricate process is a collection of preserved roses that bring the same joy as real roses!

Preserved roses come in a variety of colors and arrangements, from single stems to elaborate bouquets, making them perfect for any occasion.

Why Preserved Roses Though?

Preserved roses are something totally different to your regular bouquet, when you’re looking to commemorate a special occasion - why not get a present that will truly mark it in time.  The joy of the rose, but even better… it won’t fade away.
A memory they can hold on to forever.
So whether it’s a wedding anniversary, graduation or a birthday they will be able to treasure the roses forever 🌹


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